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Iperforma, founded in Oporto in 1983, is a business corporation that holds stakes and partnerships in several companies, with a special focus on architecture and engineering consultancy.

Iperforma’s curriculum features an extensive range of projects intended for the most diverse functions. Its operations encompass many diverse areas such as health, retail, multi-use buildings, tourism and leisure, housing, and services, equipment, fuel installations, industry, infrastructures, planning.

In association with strategic partnerships, Iperforma enhances its activity in the areas of studies and projects, management and supervision of works, consulting and auditing.

The excellence in the provision of its services is ensured through a client base that includes some of the most important national economic agents in Portugal, as well as agents from such diverse geographies as France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Bulgaria, Canada, USA or Japan.

The internationalization of Iperforma has led to the development of its activities in PALOP, with a particular focus on Angola where it has been active since 1993.